The History Collection 


"The Working History Center"

People making things the way early Oregonians made them

 “We bring our working past to life”

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As a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization, The History Collection will restore Montgomery Dock No. 2, located at 1300 N. River Street, Portland, Oregon into a multi-use, light industrial working history facility. This unique indoor/outdoor warehouse on the Willamette River, will house various historical and educational entities including:

  • Native American local tribes-making baskets, carving totems, fishing equipment, originally used in the region
  • Woodworkers-boat building, Willamette River Tender boats & canoes
  • Knitters/Weavers-making traditional clothes for work, home & church
  • Fisherman-demonstrating traditional netting & fishing on our public dock
  • Restaurateurs- preparing historic era meals and cuisine
  • Loggers-demonstrating timber bucking and hand-cutting methods
  • Blacksmiths-forging axes, knives, pans, saw and other metalwork
  • Portland Water Taxi dock and a river pilot-mechanic workshop
  • Maritime floating vessels and military history
  • Water front activities and other educational activities for the Portland Metro area
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The Dream

Known as Portland’s original deep-water dock and moorage site, The Working History Center realizes the dream of Stan Herman to create an activities-focused waterfront public space for everyone by reconnecting downtown Portland to it’s diverse history and heritage through:

  • Saving the 114 year old Montgomery Dock No. 2 for another hundred years of community service
  • Providing the home for an enhanced Native American Heritage space showcasing the various local tribes who depended on the rivers for survival.
  • Providing a docking location for the LCI 713, a World War II era Landing Craft Infantry vessel.
  • Providing a docking location for the PT 658, a World War II motor torpedo boat.
  • Presenting working ship repair and educational opportunities to tell the story of Portland's military history, waterfront businesses, industry and labor
  • Providing river access to water activities such as canoeing, kayaking or boating

Once completed The Working History Center would work with school districts, private independent schools and higher education institutions to provide programs to enrich students’ understanding of Native history, military history, marine ecology and maritime history of the Portland region. The Working History Center will be the largest and most diverse living history facility  in the western United States.