The History Collection 


"The Working History Center"

People making things the way early Oregonians made them

 “We bring our working past to life”

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As a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit Organization, The History Collection will restore Montgomery Dock No. 2, located at 1300 N. River Street, Portland, Oregon into a multi-use, light industrial working history facility. This unique indoor/outdoor warehouse on the Willamette River, will house various historical and educational entities including:

  • Native American local tribes-making baskets, carving totems, fishing equipment, originally used in the region
  • Woodworkers-boat building, Willamette River Tender boats & canoes
  • Knitters/Weavers-making traditional clothes for work, home & church
  • Fisherman-demonstrating traditional netting & fishing on our public dock
  • Restaurateurs- preparing historic era meals and cuisine
  • Loggers-demonstrating timber bucking and hand-cutting methods
  • Blacksmiths-forging axes, knives, pans, saw and other metalwork
  • Portland Water Taxi dock and a river pilot-mechanic workshop
  • Maritime floating vessels and military history
  • Water front activities and other educational activities for the Portland Metro area
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The Board of Directors

Stan Herman

Stan is the president of The History Collection and one its most active member.  He has owned several businesses in Portland, created the concept and has interesting plans for the future.

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Ron Pinchot

Ron is the project manager at The History Collection. Each new project requires that it be initiated and maintained with great detail.  Ron is the person that will oversee the major construction of the building.

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About Us

Hello everybody. The picture above is how the building looks currently. It may look old and run down right now, but we see a beautiful exciting buiding dedicated to telling the story of Portland rich history.  Feel free to to sign up for our email list on contact page. Check out the Events page to find the latest places and events we are planning. There is a calendar with the dates for the next event so you can start preparing.  We hope you can join us as we begin to bring history back to life.